Caring About the Residents

Managing Companies to Make a Difference

Medical Development knows that assisted living properties are successful not because of the quality of construction or the location of the building, but because of the consistent quality management. We take a hands-on personal approach to each resident in our facility. Our experience dates back 30 years, so we realize the needs and wants of seniors today are not the same as they were years ago. We have learned that by putting our residents and caregivers first, we have been able to stay successful, maintain our census, and stay the facility of choice to live in.

One of the key aspects of management in senior housing is to know how to open and stabilize a new facility. Other companies don't always understand the marketing component and how to accomplish a faster fill up through prudent, well planned pre-marketing. MDC has a tried and true model to alerting and attracting residents to its new assisted livings. By using this systematic approach, MDC can effectively market and fill up its buildings in new communities. Additionally, each assisted living community or nursing care center performs differently depending on the size and style of the community in which it exists. Each of our properties operates as a family owned business. Therefore, each community becomes its own special, unique living quarters for our residents. We take a direct oversight approach to each resident to ensure their happiness. If you take care of the residents and your caregiver family, you will be successful.

A lead component in the hands on care of our residents is the implementation of risk systems to effectively asses our residents over time. We are familiar with both high acuity and Alzheimer's residents. We offer customized care packages for each resident upon admission and systematically update and customize these care packages as the resident's needs change. This advantage lets us keep our fingers on the pulse of our residents and lets us know at all time if they are in the correct neighborhood to meet their needs and the needs of their neighbors.

Management Benefits

Individuality of the Residents

We realize each resident is unique. We are able to offer a full spectrum of services at our facilities to meet the needs of each resident.

Full Service Management Company

We offer turn key services for our properties. We pre-market the facility before it opens as well as provide financial services when it opens. We provide accounting and financial budgeting services to our properties. More importantly, our biggest focus is on quality of care and service.

Efficient Marketing Strategy

Although we realize each facility is different, we have an efficient and effective marketing strategy that generates leads and fills up our buildings.